Follow links here for match scores from May 2001 to the present.  Scores from 2001 include only final totals.  Many thanks to Bill Heyder for providing early scores.  All scores from 2002 on include results of each stage, final totals, team competition results, etc.  Thanks to Ron Walter and Kevin Spangler for compiling all of these.  Webformatting and posting by Donna Leiber.

      July 2010 scores.  Ryan Besmeatte won top honors in Walk-n-Draw gold, while Marty came in a close second, but Marty also won silver in both Rifle and Shotgun and was the fastest stage shooter of the day.  
      June 2010 scores.  Walt Weinman was fastest on the stages for the day, and he and Kevin, Marty, Laird, Gregg, Charlie, and Alan shot all stages cleanly.  Larry Renner was again Walk-n-Draw Gold winner, and Marty and Joe again Silver winners.
      May 2010 scores.  Another great turnout with some fast shooting!  Fred Jacobs, Michael Robles, and Marty Sprick all earned the top yellow pins, while 20 others won purples, blues, and reds, including five who shot completely cleanly all stages: Fred, Michael, Gregg, Richard, and Jeff.  Marty dazzled winning both silvers in rifle and shotgun and Larry Renner took the Gold.
      April 2010 scores.  Congratulations to Tim, Lauren, and Laird for taking home the coveted purple pins; to Laird, Alan, and Jeff for shooting all stages cleanly; and to Alan also for silver in Rifle, while Fred took both silver in Shotgun and the overall Walk-n-Draw Gold.
      March 2010 scores.  Speed-shooting was on display again this month as competitors earned 1 yellow pin, 6 purple, 8 blue, and 7 red pins!  Congrats also to Joe, Gregg, and Michael for silvers and the gold.
      February 2010 scores.  Congrats to Michael Robles and Kevin Spangler for fast-shooting to earn yellow pins and to Marty and Fred for taking silver in Rifle and Shotgun.
      January 2010 scores.  Twenty-two shooters earned pins, including yellows for Marty Sprick and Brian Lamb, plus seven of them shot all clean rounds.
      December 2009 scores.  Alan won top honors as well as tops in Rifle, with Fred taking home Silver in Shotgun.  Six shooters earned Purple pins and all three Blue Pin winners, plus two of the Purples shot all stages cleanly.
      November 2009 scores.  Andrew, Bill, and Walt burned it up with Purple pins, with 15 other shooters earning Blue or Red pins.  Fred and Alan grabbed Silvers and Bill got the Gold.
      October 2009 scores.  Laird Broadwell won Gold, Bill Heyder and Joe DeMattia won Silvers, and 10 shooters won either Blue or Red pins.
      September 2009 scores.  Fun turnout for everyone with 11 shooting shotgun, 8 doing rifle, and 48 total for relays.  Joe and Larry won purple pins and Joe, Brian, Jeff, Alan, and Hayden shot cleanly.
      August 2009 scores.  Fred won Walk-up-and-Draw and both Larry and Alan had no-miss individual shoots!
      July 2009 scores.  Wow! Tough match; only one blue pin and one red pin awarded, but everyone had fun in the relays and rifle and shotgun as well.
      June 2009 scores.  Congrats especially to Marty, Linda, and Alan for perfect scores (no misses)!
      May 2009 scores.  Twenty-two shooters participated, but only six earned medals this time in the individual shooting.
      April 2009 scores.  Another tough match where only six shooters medalled in handguns.  Brent Foster and Greg Bauer shot stages with no misses and Marty Sprick took top honors in handgun, rifle, shotgun, and four-man relay!
      March 2009 scores.  Tough match; only six shooters medalled in handguns.
      February 2009 scores.  Kevin Spangler and Linda Howard tore it up with purple pins and no misses, while Craig Underdown blazed through to pick up the extra coveted yellow.
      January 2009 scores.  Alan Wood took top honors in Walk Up Draw and Rifle, with Bill Heyder top in Shotgun and Fred Jacobs top in handgun.
      December 2008 scores.  Christmas came early for the 16 shooters who won handgun medals.
      November 2008 scores.  Marty, Gerald, and Roy shot without missing and Marty won both the Rifle and Shotgun stages.
      October 2008 scores.  Laird Broadfield shot the fastest time and had NO misses!
      September 2008 scores.  Check out the scores from all of the matches!
      August 2008 scores.  Craig Underdown was in top form as usual, winning the only yellow pin in a blazing 21.19 seconds with no misses and the fastest time on four of the five stages!  Check out all the results!
      July 2008 scores.  Congrats to Laird Broadfield, Frank Perkins, Ivan Navarro, and Andrew Demattia for their purple pins.  See results for all other awards, too.
      June 2008 scores.  Check out the scores from all of the matches!
      May 2008 scores.  More than half the field pinned, with 9 taking home smokin' hot purples!
      April 2008 scores.  Wow!  Three purples (Kevin, Linda, Bill) and the coveted yellow pin to Fred Jacobs!  Jeremy Lenz won the Walk Up Draw.
      March 2008 scores.  Congrats to Walk Up Draw winner Roy Dunn and also Bill Heyder for both silvers in long gun matches.
      February 2008 scores.  Keep it in the family: Bob and Clark Mahy took home silver medals in shotgun and rifle!
      January 2008 scores.  More than half the shooters earned pins on this one!    Gees, I should have been there!
      August 2007 scores.  Thirty-two shooters fared well, with more than half the field earning purple, blue, or red pins.
      July 2007 scores.  A tough day with Bill Heyder winning purple, Larry Renner the only blue, and just four reds!
      June 2007 scores.  Forty-one shooters, thirteen pins, one perfect score, and lots of fun!
      May 2007 scores.  Laird Broadfield and Larry Renner shot perfectly and won two of the three purples (the other by Joe DeMattia).
      April 2007 scores.  (Note: these scores looked suspiciously like March's, so these may in fact be from March, which is why it's missing until this is sorted out.)
      February 2007 scores.  Ron Walter won the only purple, and Jim Blake and Marty Sprick the blues.   Check out all the scores.
      January 2007 scores.  Two coveted purples went to Kevin Spangler and Lew Sullivan.   See all the other results.
      December 2006 scores.  Four competitors shot perfectly clean and there was even one yellow pin and one purple pin!
      October 2006 scores.  Wow! Four purple pins; two scores without any misses!
      September 2006 scores.  Ron won another coveted purple and Alan shot clean (just barely missing a pin).
      August 2006 scores.  Fred Jacobs and Larry Renner took home purple pins, and those two, plus Marty Sprick shot perfect rounds.   Check out the results.
      July 2006 scores.  Fred Jacobs took shotgun honors as well as the overall Gold, while Saint won the Rifle.
      June 2006 scores.  Ron Walter and Kevin Spangler won the coveted yellow pins and six others won purple.
      May 2006 scores.  Forty-two shooters participated, but it was a tough day with only three blue pins and four red pins awarded.
      April 2006 scores.  One purple pin, three blues, and five reds were handed out on a sunny (finally) day, but all 35 shooters enjoyed the new roll-on-the-ground Stage 1.  Check out the scores (photos to come later).
      March 2006 scores.  Check out the 16 enthusiasts who braved the forecast thundershowers to shoot the match!
      February 2006 scores.  Congrats to Tim and his purple pin, also being the only shooter to shoot all stages completely clean!
      January 2006 scores  
      December 2005 scores  
      November 2005 scores  
      October 2005 scores  
      September 2005 scores  Congrats to purple pin winners Charles, Tim, Marty, and Lauren and all the other pin winners.  Check out all the scores, including Craig Underdown's blazing 18.83-second shotgun victory.
      August 2005 scores  Kevin Spangler and Jim Blake won the hard-to-get yellow pins, also shooting perfect stages with no misses!  Two others also shot with no misses and eight folks earned purple pins.   Click for all the results!  (That'll teach me to miss a match where I might have had a chance!)
      July 2005 scores  It was a banner day for pins (yours truly even got one!) and several shooters shot blazingly fast and without misses.  Check out all the scores and results.
      June 2005 scores  Ron Walter blazed ahead winning the rare yellow pin and nine others won the coveted purple.  Marty won silver in the shotgun and James Luber took home silver in the rifle.
      May 2005 scores   Tim Struwe was the only shooter to have no misses and also shot the fastest, winning a purple pin (almost yellow).  Congrats also Jim Blake for the only other purple pin!
      April 2005 scores   Ron Walter continues his streak, winning the Walk 'n Draw for the fourth month in a row!  Congrats to Bill Heyder for winning both Shotgun and Rifle (and surviving shrapnel) and to the four purple pin winners (Saint, Jim, Ron, and Roy).
      March 2005 scores   Finally, no rain!  Walt Weinman shot blazingly fast with no misses and took home the coveted yellow pin and Dan Nickel earned the only purple pin!  Special congrats to Ron Walter who won the Walk 'n Draw for the third month in a row, and to Marty Sprick and Alex Djokich for winning silver in the shotgun and rifle (respectively).
      February 2005 scores   Another rainy month and no pins were awarded (except Walk 'N Draw), but a few loyal shooters still came out to 'play'!
      January 2005 scores   In spite of nasty weather, some of the ol' diehards still came out to shoot though no one won any pins this month (except Walk 'N Draw).
      December 2004 scores   Steve Berryman shot all clean stages (as did C Gifford) and along with Ron Uchimura and Kevin Spangler, this trio took home purple pins.
      November 2004 scores   Congrats to Ron Walter and David Bridges who shot all clean stages and to Jay Peard for winning the gold in the Walk 'n Draw.
      October 2004 scores   Extra tough stages this month as only six shooters earned pins!
      September 2004 scores   More than half the shooters earned pins, with Tim Struwe and Craig Underdown shooting all stages clean.  Check out Craig's blazing times that were the fastest on every stage!!
      August 2004 scores   Nineteen shooters took home purple/blue/red pins, with five of them shooting all stages clean.  Check out times for the great turnout in two- and four-person relay matches, too!
      July 2004 scores   Poppers were used this month in some new target configurations and the Walk-N-Draw was run differently. Three competitors shot all clean stages, with two of them winning purple pins.
      June 2004 scores   This month's match was extra challenging as only one person, David Bridges, shot completely clean and there were fewer pins awarded than usual.
      May 2004 scores   Twenty shooters won pins, with only Ronald Goyer finishing clean.  The women reigned supreme in the Four "Man" relay with Deenie, Erika, Elisabeth, and Donna taking top honors!
      April 2004 scores   Bill Heyder and Jim Blake won yellow pins, with seven shooters shooting all clean stages!  Marty Sprick took silver in both shotgun and rifle and Ron Waters took home the gold in the Walk-n-Draw.
      March 2004 scores   Ron Walter, Barry Hunn, and Bill Heyder won the new yellow pin for shooting under 30 seconds; Ron and Barry shot clean, and Bill was so fast he won the coveted award even with a miss!  Yours truly (the webmistress) even won a pin!
      February 2004 scores   Charles deSalme was hot, finishing with the fastest time, two of the fastest stage times, no misses, and winning the overall Walk 'N Draw!  Marty Sprick followed in similar fashion winning both the Rifle and Shotgun competitions, being in both the top Two Man and Four Man relay teams, and shooting completely clean stages.
      January 2004 scores   Huge turnout with 79 shooters!  Eight guys shot all clean stages and Andrew shot so fast, winning with the fastest score, that he even had time to miss once!  Kudos to Andrew, too, for winning both Rifle and Shotgun!  *Updated 2-13-04 with modification to Marty's score.
      December 2003 scores   Amazing results with Ron and Craig winning the newly introduced YELLOW pin for under 30 seconds!  (See also Pin Awards page.)  Plus, five guys shot all clean stages, etc.!
      November 2003 scores   Congrats to Ron, Saint, David, Bill, Barry, and Walter for winning the coveted purple pins!   David and Dalton shot all clean stages, Bill took home silver medals for both rifle and shotgun, and Charles won the overall gold.  Fancy shooting, guys!
      October 2003 scores   Way to go, Barry; the only perfect score this month!  And kudos to Deenie for winning the gold medal in the Walk-n-Draw and First Loser honors went to Liam O'Brien (this stat updated 12-13-03).
      September 2003 scores   Congrats to Lew and Hayden for shooting all stages clean!  And to Ron and Fred for a couple of stages under 3 seconds again!
      August 2003 scores   (Three shooters shot all five stages without a single miss!  And three stages of six targets were shot by two people, each in under 3 seconds!)
      July 2003 scores
      June 2003 scores   (Two shooters shot all five stages without a miss!)
      May 2003 scores
      April 2003 scores
      March 2003 scores (Match # 356)
      February 2003 scores (Match # 355)
      January 2003 scores (individual results plus both relays and rifle, shotgun, and walk-and-draw)
      December 2002 scores
      November 2002 scores (7 new shooters, in spite of rain before and after!)
      October 2002 scores
     Scores and Pins from the September 2002 350th Special Match
      August 2002 scores
      July 2002 scores
      June 2002 scores (and be sure to visit photos from the same match to check out some of the stages)
      Results from the May 2002 Match, now including late-posted team results (as of 6-15-02).
      April 2002 match results from stages, teams, and rifle and shotgun stages. (Reposted 6-15-02 in different sort order.)
      Complete results, including individual stage scores, from the March 2002 Match
      Scores and breakdowns from the February 2002 Match
      Details from the January 2002 Match
      Individual and Team Results from the December 2001 Match
      Match results from May 2001 through November 2001