To be eligible for a pin, centerfire cartridges must be used and no optic sights are allowed.

Pin award categories are as follows, including the new Yellow pin introduced December 2003:

Hand-gun awards, five-stage competition:

Red: all 5 stages completed with a total time between 50 and 60 seconds

Blue: all 5 stages between 40 and 50 seconds

Purple: all 5 stages between 30 and 40 seconds

Yellow (new in December 2003!!): all 5 stages in less than 30 seconds!

Long-gun competitions and overall Walk 'n' Draw awards:

Silver: One awarded for Top Shooter in Rifle and another for Top in Shotgun

Gold: "Top Gun" of the Walk 'n' Draw

Match results are shown on other pages in grids/tables where the "cell's" background color and/or text color for the score represents the awards won. Specifically, these colors are used: