Jokes and Stories

  • Night Before Crisis
  • Employee Evaluation
  • A Prayer for the Stressed
  • Reasons to go to Work Naked
  • Corporate Advancement Lessons

    Battle of the Sexes:

  • Their Different Sides of the Story
  • Ten Things Men Know About Women
  • Through Thick and Thin
  • Eve Chats with God
  • At the Races?
  • Man vs. Woman Doctor
  • Why God Created Women
  • When Men Cook
  • Why Men Aren't Secretaries
  • The Affair
  • Men and Women or Cats and Dogs?
  • 33 Reasons Men are Proud
  • Practice for Mammogram
  • Mars vs. Venus

    The Animal Kingdom:

  • How to Give a Cat (and Dog) a Pill
  • Cat Bathing 101
  • Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
  • Doggie Dictionary
  • The Fly in the Barn

    Blondes Have More Fun:

  • How Blonde?

    Holiday Fare:

  • Christmas Carols for the Dysfunctional
  • Doggie Christmas Carol


  • The Clinton Era


  • Sister Mathematical and Sister Logical
  • Wisdom of the Old Rooster
  • Mental Patient Halloween (crude)
  • The Castaway
  • From the Doctor's Office
  • Grandma's Religious Experiences
  • Restroom Scribblings

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