This page is the starting page for a few things related to the Rainbow Range Combat Steel Match held the second Saturday of each month and the newly formed Rainbow Combat Club.  September of 2002 marked the 350th consecutive monthly match in this multi-decade tradition that has been continuing since 1973!  Follow links here for scores and photographs.  For more details about the Range itself, visit the original Rainbow Range Website (see link below).

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     Match Results from May 2001 through the Present.  Last updated with January through July 2010 scores.
     Great pictures (from various months and events) that really show how much fun and challenge these matches are!  Last updated with July 2007 photos.
      The Rainbow Combat Club safety rules and membership and match details.
      Pictures of the Pin Awards and the criteria for winning them.
     Recap, Photos, Scores, and Prizes/Donations from the 350th Match Celebration (September 2002).  Wow, what a day!!
      Map and Directions to the Range. (Added 8/24/02.)
      Walt Brubaker's original Rainbow Range website (through

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