Rainbow Combat Safety Rules

(For the monthly (second Saturday) outdoor match held since 1973 at the Rainbow Range, 3139 Rainbow Valley Boulevard, Rainbow, California, 92028, phone 760-723-8743.)

The following rules were written and are monitored by officers of the Rainbow Combat Club, including Ron Walter, Bill Heyder, and Fred Jacobs, and enforced by all Range Officers at each match.  These rules are read and explained (if necessary) before each match begins.

1.  The Rainbow Range is a cold range.

2.  Loaded Firearms:

If anyone has a loaded firearm on their person please come up and we can address this problem now.   Please come forward and we can unload you.

3.  Holsters:

Any hip type holster is allowed.    NO cross draws or shoulder hostlers are allowed.    You can carry your guns in a gun case (unloaded with the action back) and uncase them at the direction of a Range/Safety Officer at each stage.

4.    Jeff Cooper's four rules:

A.    ALL guns are always loaded. (I.e., treat all guns as if they were always loaded.)
B.    Never let the muzzle cover anything which you are not willing to destroy.
C.   Keep your finger OFF the trigger until your sights are on the target.
D.   Always be sure of your target.

5.    2nd Saturday Match   --   Five Pistol Stages


  • Each stage is timed, from the moment the contestant starts moving.
  • The time is stopped when the sixth shot is fired.
  • Five seconds is added for each miss (i.e. "Comstock" scoring).
  • Ten seconds are added for each hostage hit.
  • Red Pin awarded for scores less than 60 seconds, total of all 5 stages.
  • Blue Pin awarded for scores less than 50 seconds, total of all 5 stages.
  • Purple Pin for scores less than 40 seconds, total of all 5 stages.
  • Gold Pin for the "top gun" of the "Walk and Draw".
  • Silver Pin for the lowest time in the two shotgun stages.
  • Silver Pin for the lowest time in the two rifle stages.