Rainbow Range is located at 3139 Rainbow Valley Boulevard, Rainbow, California, 92028, just off I-15 at the Riverside County and San Diego County line (relatively near the Border Control Checkpoint).   The phone number there is 760-723-8743, for information on memberships, range rules, hours, etc.

From Interstate 15:   Take the Rainbow Valley Blvd Exit and head East.   There is a four-way stop at this road and Old Highway 395; do not turn there.    Continue on this for another block until it dead-ends (at Rainbow Valley Blvd).

Stop there; look for cars both ways since they do not have to stop for you and since they are moving fast.   When clear, turn left and go just a few hundred yards, following the road as it curves around.    On your right there will be a small sign (probably no larger than two-feet square, so it's easy to miss) for the range and a narrow dirt path that turns into it between fenced areas.

Since the entrance to the Range is somewhat easy to miss, realize that it comes upon you suddenly.    The path only allows one vehicle at a time, so if someone is trying to come out as you're going in, one of you will have to let the other one pass.   This may be equally easy to miss, but on the opposite side of the road from the entrance, is one of those circular mirrors attached high on a tree.   If you can find it, it helps to indicate to you if there are other vehicles around.

If you go too far, you'll end up where Old 395 meets Rainbow Valley Blvd.  If the gate is locked, then either you're there before the range has opened or after it has closed.    (For matches, this would be highly unlikely.)