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This page will be the launching page for various groups of photos to be posted as I get them.   For starters, here are a couple from Derby Days (from long ago) and the May 7, 2005 meeting of some of the Reunion organizers.    Also be sure to check out the links below to other pages:

August 27, 2008 (updated from July 5, 2008): Check out more Photos from the Second Reunion (2008) by clicking here.

November 6, 2005: Check out more Photos from the Reunion by clicking here.

Photos and/or messages submitted by Kappas prior to reunion, especially those unable to attend:

Left-Right: Adrienne (Daniel's fiancee), Daniel Haythorn, Elizabeth Haythorn, Marjean Shoop Haythorn Cox, husband Steve, and Russell Haythorn.    Not attending because Elizabeth's wedding is later in month of August and too much preparation still to do.   Message:   "I am certain that the reunion will be a great success.   Perhaps, if it becomes an annual event I can muster up my courage and attend at another time.    I hope you have a lovely turn-out."   Marjean is an educator in Wichita Falls, TX   (   Note: Her son Russ went to CSU (Colorado State Univ) with Ann Fleming Kagi's son, Scott.   (Click image for larger picture.)
Reunion Planning Meeting -- May 7, 2005:

Left-to-right:   Eileen Dickinson Parker, Jann Johnson, Ann Flemming Kagi, Sharon Durfee, and Janet Anderson mug for the camera.  (Click image for larger picture.)

Eileen, Sharon, and Janet consider possibilities for the big Reunion festivities.  (Click image for larger picture.)
Derby Days -- circa 1975:

Lynne Hyde, Jane Kelly, ?, ?, Donna Leiber, Maureen Larson, Sharon Durfee, Robin Wilcoxen, Jennifer Shreve(?), Janet Sherman, Haze Erickson

Sarah Williams
and Donna Leiber
Miscellaneous Candids:

Janet Anderson, Susie Kanta, and Cindy Bartlett after Rush parties.   (Click image for larger photo.)

Marjean Shoop around January 1972.    (Click image for larger version.)

March 1973 on the deck outside the PJ on a "No School Because of Snow" day.  Left-to-right: Dianne Ellsbury, Connie Jacobsen, Eileen Parker, Jeanie Lines, Jann Johnson, Ann Flemming.  (Click image for larger photo.)
Cabin Party from September 2003 at Janet Anderson's cabin
Cookie Exchange from September 2003 at the home of Sharon Durfee
First Mini-Reunion from February 2003 (?) at CB&Potts in Colorado
Class Photos from 1973/74, and a couple of candid shots (poor quality)