Class and Pledging Photos from 1973/74

Photos from some of the mini-get-togethers and back in the good ol' UW days. Contact information and updated biographical data submitted by individual members. Details about the upcoming Reunion Festivities slated for August 2005. Check out this page for the latest updates and postings on this Kappa site. The Home Page for this Kappa site.

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Freshman Pledge Class 1973-74

Top: Heather O'Brien, Karen McMahon, Donna Waite, Donna Carmin, Mary Wood, Annette Perceful, Sandy Hathaway, Kit Gaymon, and ??. Middle: Ellen Gutherie, Debby Storey, ??, Janet Mathison, Julie Berglund, Donna Leiber. Bottom: Linda Bunting, Mary Murphy, Debbie Wheeler.
Sophomore Class at 1974 Pledging

Top: Renee Pfisterer, Jennifer Shreve, Janet Sherman, Kathy Adams, Tracy Metcalf, Lynne Hyde, Jo Bruns, Patty Geesey. Bottom: Kathie Longenecker, Terrie Coleman, Marne Butts.
Junior Class at 1974 Pledging

Top: Dru Bond, Claudia Crosby, Sharon Durfee, Leslie Green, Peggy Gates, Jeffy Day. Bottom: Murlie Colosky, Julie Longenecker, Debby Carpenter.
Senior Class 1973-1974 Year

Top: Janet Anderson, Diane Brezina, Eileen Dickinson, Ann Flemming, Anne Walker, Jannelle Johnson, Janet Pearce, Becky Kummerfeld, Sue Davidson, Jeannie Mrak. Bottom: Renee Niethammer, Holly Leafdale, Jeannie Lines, Lynnie Fernau, Leslie Kirby, Emily Wotkyns.

Terrie Coleman, Janet Sherman, Marne Butts, Claudia Crosby, and Suzie Kanta clowning around in the PJ room.

Leslie Kirby, Terrie Coleman, Janet Anderson, Janet Sherman, Murlie Colosky, and Leslie Green gather in one of the rooms.