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The Organizing Committee for the Second Grand Reunion is having difficulty finding current information about the Gamma Omicron sisters shown in the following tables.

   If you have any addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or other ways of reaching any of these ladies, please send the details to Eileen as soon as possible.   (The list is alphabetized by first names.)
Name: Activation Date:
Anita Fahling 70
Anne Simpson 69
Cheryl Jane Morris 68
Jane Lynn Kelly 75
Janet Sherman 73
Jenifor Leigh Thompson 67
Jerri Mau 72
Name: Activation Date:
Joann Jacobson 67
Marney Butts 73?
Mary Melinda Meyer 69
Patti Bell 71
Susan Kiramis ??
Susan Van Buskirk 68
Terrie Coleman 73