Click on any of the pictures/links below to see some of my Flash experiments.

Dynamic Image Warp.  Upload your own picture and warp it with the numeric keypad like the Brain Image Reactive Grid Warp below.  (Click here for sample done with the Magic pup.)

Easter greeting and egg-decorating amusement/game with nifty sounds and animations and lots of programming.  Final basket even holds as many decorated eggs as will fit!
My very own whack-a-worm game!

Whack-A-Worm Game with Difficulty Levels and music track and mallet cursor
Hangman Game

New and Improved Hangman Game
Fun Matching Game and Happy New Year Message

Matching Game
Let It Snow

Let It Snow Greeting for Lorna
Alzheimer's version of matching game

Matching Game for people with lousy memory!
Experimenting with my Domain Name

Experimenting with Domain Name
Some reactive grid warping based on Yugo's Mona Lisa

Reactive Grid Warp
Happy Thanksgiving Greeting

Happy Thanksgiving Story/Card
Starting and Stopping Movie Clips

Flash 4 Starting and Stopping Tests
Hockey Slap Shot

Flash 4 Hockey Slap Shot
Fun with the Mitchell Logo

Flash 4 Fun with Mitchell Logo
Last Updated April 11, 2006.