Warp Your Own Image!

In late 2000, just learning Flash, I created a project that took the main brain image from my website and incorporated it into a reactive grid warping amusement based on a semi-famous Mona Lisa warp from Yugo Nakamura.

Fast-forward to October of 2005 when a co-worker saw my creation and suggested I modify it to accept an image from the user dynamically.   Brilliant idea!    So, after much ado, teaching myself some more PHP, and adding more runtime behaviors to the Flash ActionScript, here's the first draft.   This now takes your own JPEG image, uploads it to my website, resizes it, and breaks it into pieces to use with my Flash reactive image warp.

Browse to a JPEG Image File to Upload (Almost any size will do, but 400 pixels by 400 pixels is optimal and it must be under 1Mb.):
Once you have specified a file, click this button:

Be patient while the file uploads; check the browser status bar for progress if it seems to be taking a long time.  When the upload finishes, you will see the preliminary image results and get a link to click for the Flash movie using your image.