Follow my Progress with Watercolors

(These are displayed from most recent to longest ago. If you move your mouse over one and the cursor turns to a hand, you can click on it for a larger view.)

Several of the most recent paintings have been in an attempt to do a "Lake Powell-like", desert, or Florida beach scene for my sister for Christmas (per her requests), but I haven't gotten anything quite right yet, so here are some of my attempts...

Feeble attempt at "cartoony" Lake Powell for my sister -- Dec. 2002

Palm tree on Florida beach, another painting attempt for my sister -- Nov. 2002

Abstract attempt at a Lake Powell-ish scene for my sister -- Nov. 2002

Desolate island in winter -- Nov. 2002

Desert landscape with cactus (painting attempt for my sister) -- Nov. 2002

Delicate Arch from Arches National Park, painting attempt for my sister -- Nov. 2002 (Not terribly original; copied from another artist's rendition.)

Another failed attempt at "cartoony" Lake Powellish rocks/water for my sister -- Nov. 2002

Red Rocks in the desert (yes, for my sister) -- Nov. 2002

"Southwestern Moods" pressed paper creation (some watercolor paint involved) for my sister and actually given to her! -- Nov. 2002

Scary trees from evening watercolor class -- Oct. 2002

Nude Woman -- Spring 2001 (not very original; painted from a book cover; no disrespect to the original painter -- I'm just learning!)

House along a Road -- UCR Class, Winter 2001

Caribbean Water -- UCR Watercolor Class, Individual Final Project (1st Attempt (ugly)), Full Size (22" x 30") Painting, Winter 2001

Seascape Cliffs -- UCR Watercolor Class, Individual Final Project (2nd Attempt), Full Size (22" x 30") Painting, Winter 2001

Covered Bridge -- Univ. of CA (Riverside) Spring 2001 Class

After the Rain -- September 2000

(The original of this is smaller than most of the other paintings, so there is no enlargement.)

Waves -- September 2000

The Last Fishermen -- August 2000

Mesas -- July 2000

Ocean Foam -- July 2000

Cows -- June 2000

(From my second group class)

Overhanging Fall Leaves -- June 2000

Trees -- June 2000

Barbados Villa -- May 2000

(From my first group watercolor class.)

Vibrant Summer Colors -- May 2000

Iris and Butterflies -- May 2000

(From my second individual watercolor lesson.)

Lonely Rowboat -- June 1998

(From my first individual watercolor lesson.)

Lighthouse -- March 1998

(Watercolor Pencils, actually, and a scan from a too-light color photocopy of the original.)

Frog -- February 1998

(Watercolor Pencils, actually.)

Practice Carnations -- long, long time ago (around early 1980s)

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