In the News: Our Christmas Decorations 2000!

Christmas spirits were high this year in the neighborhood and our festive decorations won us second place in the city-wide contest!    Here's an excerpt from the Press-Enterprise's article:

(Special comment about MY house is in red!    Click here to see our photos!)


Published: Sunday, December 17, 2000
Section: LOCAL
Page#: B01

Rocky Salmon
The Press-Enterprise

In Temecula, judges in the city-sponsored contest hit the street Tuesday and Wednesday to vote on the best display. The prize, as in Murrieta, is public recognition. There were repeat entries, such as the homes on Holden Circle, which finished third in the Best of Neighborhoods category this year. But new to the list in 2000 was Camino Caruna in Paloma Del Sol, which finished right behind first-place winner Amberly Circle in the neighborhoods category.

A large, round glowing red Santa and white snowman greet visitors at the first home on Caruna. From there reindeer, pulling sleds, candy canes, and long strands of garland dazzle the senses.

About 18 homes along the street are decorated.

"Coming home from work each day, around the corner the lights hit you," said resident Tim Bright. "The whole decoration has brought our community a little bit closer."

Tim Bright entered the neighborhood in the competition at the request of his wife, Kathy.

None of the residents knew they had been entered in the contest, but Tim Bright noticed neighbors hanging up more decorations than the previous year. Once word got out that the neighborhood was in the contest, the residents worked more and more with one another.

"When one person put up candy canes, the rest of the street had to put up candy canes so we would coincide and look alike," said Kathy Bright. "We live in a wonderful neighborhood where everyone has spirit. It doesn't matter if you are young or old. Everyone did a fabulous job."

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