Merry Christmas 2000, everyone!

Mom and Dad did such a great job over the years (around 1949 to 1969), long before computers and easily-made special effects, to create Leiber family Christmas cards that will long be treasured by many.

Bear in mind that all of these were handcrafted by my parents and their painstaking work in the darkroom, the drawing room, and the cutting board!

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Mom and Dad's first card, around 1949

1953 (Jeff's first card appearance)

1955 (Donna Jean's entrance) (Notice Santa in the fireplace!)

1956 -- Jeff and Donna Jean cute as can be!

1957 (Trick photography; it was a toy train!)

1958 (Beth Ann's first appearance) (More trick photography; the book was normal-sized.)

1959 (Weren't we cute?!)

1960 (Didn't know we were that angelic, did you?)

1961 (Gosh I was cute then!) This could be my favorite picture of myself ever!

1962 (It really looks like we're staring at that star!)

1963 (Dad probably took this at the Presbyterian Church.)

1964 (Beth Ann really lost her teeth then! No trick photography here!) (Also, all three of us kids got to write part of the text on the cards this year!)

1965 (Dad tried something new: photographic silkscreening!)

1966 (Again something new: silkscreened red fuzzy flocking over photography) (Love the eyeglasses and hairstyles; yikes!!!)

1967 (Supposed to be "funny" mockup of last-minute Christmas Card planning/making, but this is how it usually really happened!)

1968 (Remember the year; Laugh-In was popular and everyone was quoting lines from it!)

1969 (We moved to Casper and it was the last of the homemade Christmas cards (until Jeff and I eventually started making our own; to appear on the website later).)