Mort Solberg Workshop:  Day One

Photos from the first day of the four-day Watermedia Workshop in Fallbrook, August 2003:

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Mort splashes bursts of burnt sienna and Payne's gray on the watercolor board.

He adds more paint, then softens some of the edges with brush and water.

After spraying and softening with more water, he blots areas with tissue.

Still using large brush, Mort steps back to figure out what to do next.

After turning the paper 180-degrees, he lays in some background trees, plays with foreground water, and 'fixes' sloping hill on the side that he didn't like.

Some of the class wanted people and flowers, so Mort spent the next hour adjusting the painting to handle that. (I took a break from taking pictures and just watched the transformation!)

Here he enhanced the figures, added some highlights around the umbrella, and subdued some of the flowers to the left that he felt were too strong. He also showed us dark blue watercolor paint on top of the opaque gesso blue mix at the right.

He uses a reducing glass to see what the painting would look like from six feet away.

Now having covered up the dark blue at the right that he didn't like, he works on the figure to the right and the background around the figures.

After more work on the background and figures, adding a flower cart and enhancing the flowers in it, Mort puts a mat around the painting to see how it looks.

The 'finished' painting dried and propped up on the easel.

Mort decided it needed more, so he went back in after lunch and added a fence and brightened the figures a bit.

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