Some miscellaneous photos of my house, the Temecula fire, my fence (before and after restoration), etc. (Summer 2000)

Five years old this summer; This is California living!

The tree in the front/side of my house; I don't know what kind it is, but it's flourishing!

I frequently awaken on weekends to the hissing of a hot air balloon overhead. This is outside my top bedroom window.

The same morning, out my side bedroom window.

This is another day and a different balloon. It's amazing how loud and close they are!

Notice this neighbor's house; it figures into most of my out-of-bedroom photos!

It's heading back towards the wineries.


Now more directly behind my house.

Fading into the sunrise, almost back home.

This is the most recent view out my back windows; the Temecula/Pechanga fire.

A little too close for comfort; it's already damaged over 7000 acres. (It's about six miles away.)

A common Southern California weird-looking plant: the agapantha. This is in front of my house.

This is especially to see my fence before I had it restored, but also one of neighbor Ellie's palm trees.

This is the only tree I personally selected. It's in the back, to block neighbors' view of the hot tub. It's called a bottle tree and stays green year-round.

The weight of the heavy fence gate slightly hanging against gravity eventually caused this gap that had to be fixed.

This is just a photo of some of that weathered fence that I couldn't stand to see anymore.

I can't seem to get the sprinklers just right over in this side part of the yard; either too wet or too dry!

My beautiful fence after it was pressure washed and stained/sealed (once again). Hope this lasts!

Money well spent as far as I'm concerned. I'm so much happier looking at this than the typical CA grey wood.