Fubsy the Clown

My alter-ego...almost hard to believe she's been around for 38 years!

Why "Fubsy the Clown"? Well, "fubsy" means "short and squat" and that fits my stature. "To fub" is Old English for "to trick", so that fits well with the magic I do. And "Fubsy the Clown" contains exactly half the letters of the alphabet, all different (duh), 13 of them which is a LUCKY number, rather than unlucky number, for magicians!

Besides, "fubsy" sounds cute and cuddly, like a clown should! (And for you trivia fanatics, apparently the color yellow for circuses is unlucky unless flanked by blue, so that worked out well, too! Amazing, eh?!)

(Hold mouse over each photo for a description.)
Click here for YouTube video of Fubsy performing Roy Walton's Cascade with Jumbo Cards at the Casper Library in 1989.
Soon after moving to Temecula (rental house); notice new costume (Mom made this one) At Casper Library with skunk pal Poindexter.  Notice performing table I handcrafted!  (Gay Blackwell's granny made this original costume)
Advertising Banner (too bad the phone company changed my number last year! The hypnotized rope (it's standing up by itself)
A giraffe with rubber legs! The famous Chinese Linking Rings
A balloon sculpture favorite:  the fancy French poodle Fubsy showing off her juggling skills (she dropped them right after the photo)
Doing the 20th Century Silks routine for Larry and Sandy's 25th anniversary party The one after which my business cards were patterned!
A couple of versions (colors/phone numbers) of my business cards; drawn by an artist from the previous photo An ad I created (bad scan, though) for the Community Little Book's 10,000 inserts in Temecula
One of my membership cards in the International Jugglers Association A coupon I had mass-mailed to 10,000 homes when I moved to Temecula
A little coloring page I handed out at performances for the kids Some of my other professional memberships, including the International Brotherhood of Magicians and local Washington D.C. chapter