My Family

Beth Ann (my sister) Teaches us How to Throw Pots

(Colorado Springs, July 2000)

Beth Ann instructs son Brian how to center the clay and keep it WET!

Now nephew Brian starts to open up the centered piece.

Dad tries his luck and starts to open his centered piece.

Beth Ann coaches as Dad works on the walls of his pot.

It's clearly a messy activity, but look how much fun he's having!

Dad adds the final touches to his wonderful creation, balanced, strong, solid, and attractive! We could call it beginner's luck, but we all knew he had talent!

My turn was fun and funny, as you can see from our expressions. Here I'm working on the walls, with hair pulled back to stay out of the mud.

I tried pulling up the walls and shaping them all too fast and this fantastic shape lasted only seconds more before it came crashing in upon itself, la Demi Moore in "Ghost" (except that Patrick Swayze wasn't there to help)!

Check out a couple of the creative pieces of pottery Beth Ann made for me.