A Few of My Sketches

Cary Grant -- August 2009


Portrait from a black and white photo. Click photo or here for larger image.

Horse (no kidding, Donna) -- Sometime around 1968

(Charcoal Pencil)

(Again, a photo of the framed sketch, so allow for the glaring light, the weird angle, the fact that I was a mere child when I drew it, etc.)

American Indian Prayer -- around 1976

(Pen and Ink, including hand-calligraphy and Wyoming weathered wood frame)

(Again, a photo of the framed artwork, years later, after its suffering basement water damage. It was a gift for a friend and it was HER basement that flooded!)

Lighthouse -- June 1998

(Charcoal Pencil)

(A poor scan of a relatively recent drawing done just for play and without looking at anything similar.)

Land, Sea, and Air (untitled, actually) -- around 1969

(Charcoal Pencil)

(An old Polaroid B&W photo of the matted artwork.)