Some of my Sculptures (and a couple of my sister's ceramics creations)

(Most of these are blurry because my borrowed digital camera didn't have a close-up lens.)

Unicorn (in progress) -- started June 1998

(Sculpey, and a little blurry)


Multi-colored Dolphin -- 1993

(Sculpey, and a little blurry)

PaperClay Dolphin (also blurry) -- started sometime in 1999

Mini Brown Sculpey/Fimo Dolphin (blurry) -- sometime in 1999

My Sister's Ceramic Dog Bowls, made for Shadow and Magic -- April 2000

(Okay, so these aren't my creations, but I wanted to post these somewhere because they're so cool!!!)

My Sister's Ceramic Brown Bathroom Accessories, made for me (notice the dolphins!) -- December 1999

(Okay, so these aren't mine either, but same thing goes for these as the dog bowls.)