Books I've Actually Read

Best and Worst "Literature"

Books on Tape Collection

These are a few of my Favorite Things

Little Known Facts About Me

Other "bests" and "worsts"

Best and Worst "Literature"
  • Best books I've read: Doc, Fatal Vision, Everybody Needs a Rock, Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?
  • Best book I had to read:   In Cold Blood
  • Best author I had to read:   St.Exupery (Wind, Sand, and Stars; etc.)
  • Best play I had to read:  The Misanthrope
  • Best playwright:  Moliere
  • Worst book I had to read:  Wuthering Heights by Bronte or Knots by RD Laing
  • Worst play I had to read:  anything by Eugene Ionesco
  • Book I've read (uh, er, looked through) in the most languages:  The Little Prince
  • Best book I've been meaning to read:  The Path of the Everyday Hero (by my friend)

A Few of My Favorite Things
  • COLOR:  brown
  • SMELLS:  freshly cut lawn grass, freshly baked bread
  • FOODS:  banana cream pie, sushi, leg of lamb, Pariserwafier cookies, shortbread, milk
  • SUSHI: fresh salmon, unagi (eel), California roll, salmon-skin handroll
  • FLAVORS: banana, lemon, root beer
  • VIDEO GAME: Bust-A-Move
  • WEATHER: bright, sunny, warm, windless, low-humidity
  • TV SHOW (CURRENT): The Gilmore Girls
  • TV SHOW (OFF THE AIR): Star Trek: The Next Generation; the Mary Tyler Moore Show
  • ANIMALS: my Cockers, dolphins, moose
  • SPORTS (to do): golf, table tennis, snorkeling, shooting
  • GAMES: bridge, Life, Clue, anything trivia-oriented
  • WELL-KNOWN TOURIST ATTRACTION: the Colloseum (Rome), the Roman ruins, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Tetons
  • MOVIES: The Chalk Garden, The Trial of Billy Jack, Mahogany, Meet Joe Black, Heaven Can Wait
  • MUSICIANS: Yanni, Enya, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Will Ackerman, Melissa Etheridge, Cris Williamson and Tret Fure

Some Little-Known Tidbits about Me
  • I lived in Wyoming for over 20 years but I've never been to neighbors Idaho nor Montana.
  • I have an invention I created and started to market with one of those invention-submission firms back in 1977, but have never pursued it. To this day, I still think it would sell.
  • I lived in snowy climates for most of my life, but I am terrified (now) of snow and ice.
  • Cottage cheese and liver are the only foods I've tried that I cannot stand.
  • I own hundreds of books I've never read and dozens of software packages I've never used.
  • I have thirteen autographs of famous celebrities, but I've only gotten one of those in person. (For example, Elizabeth Taylor wrote me a letter after I wrote her a letter.)
  • I didn't take my first plane ride until I was 18, but now I've flown well over 100 times.
  • I've only been in love once.
  • I've never gotten a traffic ticket nor even been stopped by the cops.
  • I've never even tried pot.
  • I've entered song lyrics in the American Song Festival competitions.
  • My corneas are too thin for LASIK eye surgery.
  • I had the same pair of hard contact lenses for 19 years and this pair of gas permeable lenses for ten years (i.e., I've never lost one).
  • No one asked me to any high school Proms.
  • And get this: one therapist actually told me I'm not all that unique!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
  • BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE: the cruise, 1989
  • WORST YEAR(S): 1977, 1990-91, 1999
  • BEST FEELING: unbridled passion, love, and interest in a new, true love
  • WORST FEELING(S): being fat, being abandoned, being terrified
  • WORST: with psychotic, suicidal, self-maiming, alcoholic roommate in graduate school
  • BEST MULTI-YEAR PERIOD: high school
  • WORST: the University of Wyoming and graduate school in Monterey
  • BEST VACATION: the cruise (of course) or Treasure Island with my sister
  • WORST: the Bahamas in 1991(hurricane)
  • WORST: Brussels, Belgium
  • BEST TALENT: wit
  • WORST: singing (I can't carry a tune)
  • BEST GIFT TO GIVE ME: anything brown
  • WORST: something to read